Monday, May 25, 2009

The depressed me

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I'd like to walk in the sun,
that remind me of your warmth

I'd like to go for a dancing,
to remember the way you were swinging me

I'd like the hot wind to tan my skin,
the way your breath used to be

I'd love to wish you come back again,
to take my depression away

depressed I am without you
depressed I am
when you had gone away
gone, gone away
gone away
depressed I am
when you gone away
Yeah, away
depressed I am when you gone away YEAH
away, away, away

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Send me back to heaven

I pray thee to take mercy upon my soul
She smears my heart with sin
Underneath Lucifer's paws I crawl
Turning into slave in his den

I fall to hard land
Where I left beneath his hand
His eyes full with lies
While I been left to endless cries

That You've been forbidden
Entombed me within grave
Then it gone hidden
Leaving me cry with crave

Send me back to heaven
Take me back to worship you
The way I've been created to do
Free me from being driven

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you still love me?

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You loved me when I said that one day to you
How about now?
Do you still love me?
Don't say that you're not sure
Cause I know deep in your heart
that you do

I miss every touch of your hand
the warmth of your breath
The scent of you
The way you sway your hips
The heavenly softness of your lips
And love I made to you

My apology
The very late one
I introduce it to you
I don't remember that I read it somewhere in psychology
It's beyond that
It's a soul matter of thing
I don't have control over it
nor being surrounded by it
I can't get over you
no matter lots of stuff I do

You have always loved me
But I was secure
Haunted by sad memories
forbedding me from loving thee

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Letter to God

dear god
I gave up on you
cause you gave up about me
you didn't support me when i needed you the most
you were always far away from me
tell me now, why do you making me suffer?
I'm so in rage
so upset
I don't have anyone to talk to
I talked to you before But you were not listening
I looked up toward you with tearful eyes
God I'm so sorry about what to say
I have to live without faith because of you
my life is empty
am I chasing a dream may never become true?
not even for once?
God why are you doing this?
By your sake I pray
I don't wanna run away
leaving heaven to burn into hell
is that the life you draw its line for my sake?
I don't want it
I don't need it
I just need to be free
to live a happy life with whom I wanted always to live with
not with them
not with him
with that creature you made
that took my breath away
and left my soul empty and hollow
is that it dear God?
what else do you want me to do?
I'm so angry about you
I always wanted you to take me to set next to you
to return to you
to die with pleasure for meeting you
what am I becoming now?
is that what you want me to become?
wish I could regain contact with your highness
but that seems so far away from now
I wish I won't loose faith in you
I wish that I would one day be your slave
and that you have mercy upon my soul
dear God

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rebirth of our love

when our love committed suicide
when it no more sees the sun
life became dark
and it wasn't at all fun

Evil spirits gathered
around its grave
happy with their victory
and death being brave

I cut my cords of life
upon the headstone
seeking rebirth of our dead love
but no bones were shown

The spell had failed
and living became insane
full of remorse
with lots of pain regain