Sunday, June 14, 2009

Point click games for everyone

Attention dear gamers
I don't own any of these great games. I'm just a big fan of them. These flash games are not scary this time, they're suitable for everyone so enjoy your stay here.
peace :)

shapik the quest 2013


Samorost 2


The quest for the rest

for more great games from the creators of samorost visit the official web site :

this game is a tribute to Samorost.

Haluz 2

Great new game for 2009 from the same creator of Haluz

The Blue Beanie
similar to samorost

Indiana Jones & the sacred fortune

Sabrina in north pole


The Blocked Tunnel


spanich series created by spanich authors but available in English language as well. For more informations please visite the official web site to play all games:

Bamba snak quest

Bamba snak quest 2

Bamba snak quest 3

Little wheel


The ant explorer

Submachine series

part 0 - The ancient adventure

part 1 - The basement

part 2- The light house

part 3 - The loop

part 4 - The lab

part 5 - The root

submachine -future loop foundation

part 6 - The Edge

part 7 - The core

part 8 - The Plan

Part 9 - The Temple ( year 2013)

covert front ( episode 1 & 2 )

covert front episode 3

Covert Front 4 - Spark of life

The fog fall ( part 1 & 2 )

Daymare Town ( part 1 & 2 )

Daymare Town (part 3)

Tortuga ( episode 1&2 )

Tortuga ( episode 3 )

Space Oddity

Bermuda Triangle Escape

for other great games from the same creators of daymare town & submachine series please visite their official web site:

The several journeys of Reemus - prologue

The several journeys of reemus chapter 1

The several journeys of reemus chapter 2

The several journeys of reemus chapter 3

The several Journeys of Reemus chapter 4

A small favor

Another small favor

Johnny Rocketfingers

Johnny Rocketfingers 2



The labyrinth phase 1 : The Cube

Abuba The Alien

This is a very cute, very simple cartoon style point click game.

A Dralien Day

A very cute cartoon style game from, the same creators of ( Abuba the Alien ) game that is shown above.

Left or Right?

Guess which hand you see. Left or right?

Gretel & Hansel part 1

Gretel & Hansel part 2

Gretel & hansel part 3 ( unknown release date)

Mandrake 1

Otomaco : Last Jade Journey

The case of the crabs

The goat in the grey Fedora

Where's 2010?

There's nothing better than finishing a year with a great game.

The tin soldier

Skull Island

where is 2011?


This game containes 4 parts you'll find the 3 parts on the first screen. Nothing scary about this game as the name suggested .

Compressiong the heart


Blackwood Prologue

where's 2013

The Island of Earthly Delights

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Horror flash games suitable for kids

I'm not the creator of these games, I'm just a fan of scary stuff & cute graphics that's all.

Haunted Mansion
Escape the Mansion

Nightmares the adventure
Episode 1 - broken bone's complaint

Episode 2 - who wants to frame Hairy De Bully?

Episode 3 - The Baron of vermin famine

Episode 4 - The stolen souvenir of Rob.R

Episode 5 - vera verrue l'hurluberlue

Ghost Motel ( eleven episodes are available)
This is the main page of one of the two authors who create this series, you may go there and check ghost motel out.

3 wish games
Offecial web site of the games ( episodes )

Scary Girl

Arcane season 1 : The miller estate
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Arcane season 2 : The stone circle
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8

Free icecream
you have to help a little girl, end up in a creepy cellar after being promised free icecream


Halloween Escape

Paris scary game
Escape from the Darkness

Graveyard Escape

Escape the Dungeon


Ghost House Escape

Scary Sleepover

Horror flash games ( for adults)

These flash games ain't mine. I don't own any of them. They belong to their producers. These games in my point of view are the best horror flash games style ever made. I just wanted to share them with all fans of horror games.Thanks for dropping by & enjoy.


Exmortis 2

Exmortis 3
The only available part to play online for free is the demo, you have to purchase to play the full game.

Goliath The soothsayer


Deadend's Hotel
this is a french flash game

Hotel 626
Although the game is available to play between the hours of 6PM and 6AM only, you can change your computer clock to let you in immediately. for a walkthrough & more informations about the game visite this link please:
direct link to the game:

Asylum 626
sequel to Hotel 626

The stone of Anamara
when you go there click on inter part 1
part 2 in progress

Hidden chapter 1 : primitive essence

Hidden ( there's no chapter 2, the programmer is working on a pc game )

Haunted - the trapped soul

Heist : A Thief's nightmare

Heist 2 : Greed is hell

project pravus

The Victim


Ghostscape 2 : The Cabin


Tombscape 2


Icescape 2

Icescape 3

crypt keeper

Dawn of the dead
A zombie shooting game with cool graphics

Land of the Dead
3D zombie shooting game

The Hills have eyes
another zombie shooting game with cool graphics

The Hills have eyes 2

The Grudge

The Grudge 2

Arrival in Hell

Arrival in Hell 2


Desolation 2

Monster Basement

Monster Basement 2

The Visitor

The visitor - massacre at camp happy

The Foreign Creature - The unforgotten mistake
This game is made as a tribute to the Visitor.

The Foreign Creature 2 - The invasion


Abandoned 2


The scene of the crime

The scene of the crime : golden doll,games,flash_game,83.html


Darkness 2

Darkness 3

Escape the Boogeyman

Way to Morrow

viridian room

Meat Mansion

Meat Mansion 2

Subject: Gilen

Saw 4 - Trapped



Ask the Dead
ouija board style game

The online ouija

found lost

The health center

Haven: The Hospital

Pit Dwellers
scary 3D shooting game

Escape from 1428 Elm street
remake of the famous escape the elm street game under the name of( nightmare house ) :

Escape from crystal lake
sequel to escape the elm street


Forgotten Rites-Alpha


Dead Reckoning

Zombies: The Beginning

Being one: Episode 1 - Escape the lab

Being one: Episode 2 - Bloodbath

Being one: Episode 3 - Dark Mater

Being one: Episode 4 -Moonrise

Being one: Episode 5 - Infection



Murder investigation

Dead Frontier Outbreak
This game is similar in mood to ( intruder ). You have to make the right decision to survive.

The Ugly


Endless Anesthesia

Dead Reckoning

The Insanity

Billy Suicide

Alice is Dead - part 1
You've arrives in wonderland, that's good. Alice is dead, that's bad. You don't know who you are, that's the worst. Do you have what it takes to get out of wonderland, and more important, figure out who you are? *This part of the game isn't scary but you've to play it to undrestand the second part*

Alice is Dead - part 2

Alice is Dead - part 3

Warface - part 1

Warface - part 2


I Remain

Horror Plant

Motel Madness

Orchestrated Death

Orchestrated Death 2

Vacancy Escape

Diseased Corpse

Nightmare of Leia Ray

The Dead Case


From Heaven to Hell - The cries of lost souls : chapter 1

From Heaven to Hell : chapter 2 - part A

From Heaven to Hell : chapter 2 - part B

From Heaven to Hell : chapter 3 ( coming soon )

The House

The House 2

The Halloween
A great game for halloween from the same creators of the house game.

Time to wake up



Atrocitys 2 : The Revenge

Factory of Fear


The Cave


Vampire house secret

Black Out

Dr.Stanley's House

Dr.Stanley's House 2

Bela Kovacs & the trail of blood

Whispers- room 6

There's no enough room for more games in this part. Continue in part 2.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sing My Name Like Forever

85886757.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
I swear by the name of love,
Tracing every phase of your life,
That I loved your comfy warmth,
before we even met.

You float my boat like magic,
Erasing all my fears & tragic,
wipping river of tears,
And all things that matter disappear.

Sing my name like forever,
sing it like a happy sparrow,
singing in the rythm of falling musky dew,
like a funny sun shining upon the sky,
with its azure hue.