Friday, April 17, 2009

Her velvety Aroma

Her aroma is amazing,
It's not like any other scents in this world
Her perfume create an aura around her own goddess alike body
Her long tan neck
Her strong arms
Her soft lips
I swear I could feel them tasting me
sucking into my flesh
Giving me a hickey *blushes*
like I always wanted her to do to me
Marking me with love
Such a dream I wish it would be true
We were just flirting
No real sex was there
But, GOD
It was unbelievable
Her touch
Her gazes
Her hot breath against my cheeks
Blowing softly into my ear
Her sweet nothings whispers
I want to die holding her close
till our souls beg for freedom
till the end of the world
till there's no more life on the face of the earth
All what I wanted was her
And her only

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