Sunday, June 14, 2009

Point click games for everyone

Attention dear gamers
I don't own any of these great games. I'm just a big fan of them. These flash games are not scary this time, they're suitable for everyone so enjoy your stay here.
peace :)

shapik the quest 2013


Samorost 2


The quest for the rest

for more great games from the creators of samorost visit the official web site :

this game is a tribute to Samorost.

Haluz 2

Great new game for 2009 from the same creator of Haluz

The Blue Beanie
similar to samorost

Indiana Jones & the sacred fortune

Sabrina in north pole


The Blocked Tunnel


spanich series created by spanich authors but available in English language as well. For more informations please visite the official web site to play all games:

Bamba snak quest

Bamba snak quest 2

Bamba snak quest 3

Little wheel


The ant explorer

Submachine series

part 0 - The ancient adventure

part 1 - The basement

part 2- The light house

part 3 - The loop

part 4 - The lab

part 5 - The root

submachine -future loop foundation

part 6 - The Edge

part 7 - The core

part 8 - The Plan

Part 9 - The Temple ( year 2013)

covert front ( episode 1 & 2 )

covert front episode 3

Covert Front 4 - Spark of life

The fog fall ( part 1 & 2 )

Daymare Town ( part 1 & 2 )

Daymare Town (part 3)

Tortuga ( episode 1&2 )

Tortuga ( episode 3 )

Space Oddity

Bermuda Triangle Escape

for other great games from the same creators of daymare town & submachine series please visite their official web site:

The several journeys of Reemus - prologue

The several journeys of reemus chapter 1

The several journeys of reemus chapter 2

The several journeys of reemus chapter 3

The several Journeys of Reemus chapter 4

A small favor

Another small favor

Johnny Rocketfingers

Johnny Rocketfingers 2



The labyrinth phase 1 : The Cube

Abuba The Alien

This is a very cute, very simple cartoon style point click game.

A Dralien Day

A very cute cartoon style game from, the same creators of ( Abuba the Alien ) game that is shown above.

Left or Right?

Guess which hand you see. Left or right?

Gretel & Hansel part 1

Gretel & Hansel part 2

Gretel & hansel part 3 ( unknown release date)

Mandrake 1

Otomaco : Last Jade Journey

The case of the crabs

The goat in the grey Fedora

Where's 2010?

There's nothing better than finishing a year with a great game.

The tin soldier

Skull Island

where is 2011?


This game containes 4 parts you'll find the 3 parts on the first screen. Nothing scary about this game as the name suggested .

Compressiong the heart


Blackwood Prologue

where's 2013

The Island of Earthly Delights

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