Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you still love me?

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You loved me when I said that one day to you
How about now?
Do you still love me?
Don't say that you're not sure
Cause I know deep in your heart
that you do

I miss every touch of your hand
the warmth of your breath
The scent of you
The way you sway your hips
The heavenly softness of your lips
And love I made to you

My apology
The very late one
I introduce it to you
I don't remember that I read it somewhere in psychology
It's beyond that
It's a soul matter of thing
I don't have control over it
nor being surrounded by it
I can't get over you
no matter lots of stuff I do

You have always loved me
But I was secure
Haunted by sad memories
forbedding me from loving thee

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